co2tieferlegen – federal government campaign to promote energy-efficient vehicles

Achieving energy efficient does not simply mean going without. The co2tieferlegen campaign was launched as part of a WTO pitch in 2015. It does not point the finger and adopts a look and feel that ensures that car enthusiasts feel at home. Ever since, Quade & Zurfluh has been given a budget by the Swiss Office of Energy and has been continuously developing the umbrella brand of its mobility division.

Like the EU, Switzerland introduced CO2emission standards for new cars in July 2012. Since 2015, Swiss importers have been required to reduce CO2emissions by an average of 130 g/km. This level is set to decrease to 95 g/km from 2020. In order to achieve this target, energy efficiency must play an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions and there must be a significant increase in the market share of energy-efficient models.

“co2tieferlegen” is the CO2reduction campaign to promote energy-efficient vehicles, and will officially run until 2020. The project brings together many different communication measures under one roof and relies on strong partners to gain acceptance in politics and business.

Quade & Zurfluh is responsible for all concept, planning, implementation and support measures.
The campaign underwent a redesign in autumn 2017, which also saw a new strategic approach.


The has been completely overhauled. The two main pillars are the search function for all energy-efficient vehicles available in Switzerland, developed with Touring Club Suisse (TCS) in line with the latest standards, and, more recently, a news platform focusing on the cars of today and tomorrow.
In addition, Quade & Zurfluh runs a monthly newsletter, the newly launched Facebook channel and an ongoing AdWords campaign.


For the third year running, the co2tieferlegen roadshow will tour Switzerland, stopping at the country’s biggest trade fairs.The aim of the tour is to make energy-efficient vehicles come to life and demonstrate the varied selection of fuel-efficient models currently available. With a prominent presence at the main entrances to the fairs, visitors can try out cars on the spot for free and without any obligation. Every year the roadshow reaches over 700,000 people, and representatives from the Federal Council have also been at some of the events.  

The snowboarder and Olympic champion Iouri Podlatchikov has been an ambassador for the campaign since the very beginning and has featured in an effective television commercial.  

Geneva International Motor Show

For 3 years, co2tieferlegen has been a presenting partner at the Geneva International Motor Show, the largest motor show in Europe. co2tieferlegen thus features in all of the communications for the show (poster, magazine, website, social media channels, etc.).
The “Salon Car Collector” app was designed for the purpose of drawing attention to energy-efficient vehicles at the show, and is enhanced every year. The campaign also has its own stand at the entrance, with PromoForce assisting with on-site operation.


How can you get the car industry, the federal government and other stakeholders such as energy service providers, the media and event organisers all pulling in the same direction? co2tieferlegen and Quade & Zurfluh make this possible. Over 35 partners are supporting the project and thus contributing towards the establishment and acceptance of the brand.

Media work 

Since autumn 2017, co2tieferlegen has been a presenting partner for the entire 20 Minuten car channel. This means a constant presence with fixed placements, reports and regular promotions.
It also collaborates with autoscout24, Switzerland’s biggest auto-trading portal.

The editorial team at Quade & Zurfluh maintains the campaign’s own online news portal and also works regularly with partners and journalists from the industry.

Cross-media promotion

In terms of advertising, the focus in on achieving a good cross-media mix. As such, poster campaigns, print articles, print advertisements, online reports and banner advertisements appear at regular intervals. Regional radio and TV advertising and complete digital integration in special displays on trade fair portals also come into play for the roadshow.  


  • Media collaborations 
  • Live communications (national roadshows, various events)
  • Supervision of various online platforms (website, Facebook, newsletter, AdWords)
  • Online marketing (website, newsletter, content marketing, social media, SEO)
  • Editorial & PR work, media work, journalism
  • Trade fair stand (planning, concept, implementation, support)
  • Promotion
  • Strategic consulting and development
  • Partner acquisition and maintenance
  • Branding, posters, advertisements, online banners
  • TVC
  • App development
  • Play & win